Discover Marsala


Famous for the landing of the Thousands and the production of the homonymous wine, Marsala stands on the ruins of the Punic city of Lilybaeum, inhabited since 397 B.C. by exiles from the nearby island of Mozia after it was attacked by Dionysius the Elder, tyrant of Syracuse.

All people that have dominated Sicily transited through Marsala up to the Bourbons, whose reign collapsed on May 11, 1860 when Garibaldi landed with his men to give southern Italy to Vittorio Emanuele.
To discover the city of Marsala, we recommend you to pass through the beautiful Porta Garibaldi, formerly Porta Mare, and continue in direction of the old fish market. You can also admire the main monuments and places of interest of the old town: the baroque Chiesa del Purgatorio, Palazzo VII Aprile, The Flemish Tapestries Museum, and the Cathedral in Piazza della Repubblica. The historical centre and the nearby Cassaro are the ideal place for locals and visitors to take a walk, go shopping, have a coffee or enjoy a good glass of wine.

Stagnone Lagoon and salt pans

The Oriented Nature Reserve ‘Isole dello Stagnone di Marsala’ is located a few kilometers from the centre of Marsala, between Punta Alga and Capo San Teodoro.
It’s the largest lagoon in Sicily and includes four islands: Santa Maria, San Pantaleo (Mozia), La Scuola (Schola) and Isola Grande.

The landscape of the salt pans, with tanks, canals, piles of salt and mills, is particularly striking especially at dusk and dawn when the sunlight’s reflections create an extraordinary play of light and color.
In front of the salt pans, visible beyond the islets of the lagoon, there’s the archipelago of the Egadi, with the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.


The historical wineries that produce the famous wine are charming and well worth a visit also for the museums hosted inside.
Among them, the legendary Cantine Florio, founded in 1883 by the industrialist of Calabrian origin Vincenzo Florio.


Along the coast of Marsala there are also the most interesting beaches of the coast of the shoreline of Trapani, with white sand and crystal clear waters.
Among these, we recommend Punta Tramontana, Lido Signorino, San Teodoro and Marausa.